Who We Are

Hello and thank you for considering Cowger Entertainment. My name is Travis Cowger and I started CE in 2000. What started as a small business has grown into a successful larger business featuring award winning DJ's. We've worked all types of venues in MD, DE & VA over the past years and we welcome diversity. We have had the honor of playing at some prestige locations such as The Hyatt and The Fountains Wedding & Conference Center. We are on the preferred vendor list at the Fountains and Prospect bay Country Club which are both "by invitation only".  We have top of the line equipment and upgrade as needed. Unlike other DJ's that do this "on the side" or as a "hobby" we carry a minimum of two of almost everything equipment wise as well as a backup system. Our music is stored on our laptop which has two separate hard drives and operating systems. Two operating systems allows us to boot to a second operating system if one fails. We also have all of our music backed up on external hard drives.  In addition to all of that we also carry additional backups of all of our music. We are prepared for almost any situation to ensure you can count on us for your event!

Our lighting is state of the art and allows us to transform your venue into the room of your dreams. With our up-lighting, custom monograms, custom pin-spots and featured lighting. This allows you to completely customize your event to your likings. Visit our pro-lighting page for complete details. 

There are a few simple things I go by and I am happy to share with you.

  1. You're the boss and we do and play what you want. We may make recommendations, but in the end the choice is yours. 
  2. In addition to what you want we play what the crowd wants, as long as it meets your standards.
  3. In a Wedding the Bride and Groom are the important people and we are just a person in the background.
  4. Communication is essential for a great event. we will be in contact with you from the time you book me until the end of the event.
  5. We're there to help make your day the best possible. 

What you can expect from us!
Your event or wedding day is the most important thing to us and we guarantee we will arrive early and do everything in our power to make sure your event goes smoothly and as planned. We will work with your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, caterer and whoever else needs to be informed of changes or upcoming events.

If the Bride, Groom or Planner have a specific request those request, those request come first and for most before anything else. If there is something you wish not to be done or specifically to be done we will do as we are instructed no matter what anyone request us to do. If you change your mind on a previous instruction you have given us we ask that you personally let us know, that way there is no mis-communication.

What makes us different?

Most importantly we like to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting with our services. All of our lighting, music and equipment is top notch. When we come to your event we "bring it" We bring the high quality sound, professional service, years of knowledge and experience running every aspect of the reception. Our lighting setup and music selection will have your guest talking even after the reception is over. We are not a company that does this for fun, this is not a hobby, this is not just something to do. We are a professional company that offers the highest quality service before, during and after the event. Here is what sets us apart from the other guys:

-We are licensed and insured for everyone’s protection. 

-We're award winning DJ's! You can view and validate our couples choice award at weddingwire.com. Note: Always validate anyone’s awards, anyone can copy an image. 

-We don’t use a computer with windows media player and a plug in the headphone jack to play songs; we use professional grade DJ equipment with special dedicated sound cards for the highest quality.

- We have our backup music system plugged into our sound system with a song ready to play all times. This allows us to instantly play another song if there is ever a problem with our laptop. Can the DJ your thinking of hiring say that?

-We don’t bring 2 speakers and something to play music. We bring our primary speakers, a second set of speakers, a powered subwoofer to add some punch to the party. We have backups for almost any problem! We bring 2 amps, 3 sets of backups for our music and much more. We have not one but 2 or 3 complete sound systems with us at all times! We also just purchased a new power sub-woofer to add to our collection!

-We have an outstanding safety record and have never had a problem with old equipment shorting out, people tripping etc. We keep all out equipment up to date and replace it every few years or as needed.

-Our Lighting is not just one light it is several lights. Anyone can bring a light to a party but we bring several. We have a laser star field with aqua blue effect, brand new just purchased LED dance light to light up the dance floor, color wash lights for wide spread effects, as well as lighted totems which are also speaker stands.

-We dress the part of the professional DJ. We have our own tux with music notes so we don't look like part of the wedding party a semi-formal option with our logo embroidered on our vests. For parties we have a khaki and polo option. We dress the way you want us to dress, no questions asked.

-We have enough cables and speakers to handle any size room. Don't get caught up with a DJ that is located in one corner of a large room and only has speakers in that corner. The proper way is to have speakers spread out so the sound it balanced around the room and we can do that!

-We have references available upon request or check out client comments on weddingwire.com. Note: Weddingwire is an independent netural third party review site. 

-If you have more questions I would be glad to answer them or even meet you in person!

Please don't be fooled by the DJ's around that have lower prices because their stuff is paid for, they do it on the side, it's a hobby etc. We are an actual business with a federal tax ID. Our site provides a state of the art custom client portal featuring wedding and party planning forms, music selection, package details, payment portal and much more. If you are talking to a DJ and the price seems too good to be true then it usually is. Ask yourself this, if most of the other DJ's around are around the same price and these few people are lower priced why are they so low. What are they sacrificing to be so low... Quality, Experience and the ability to BRING THE PARTY and offer the high end items that will make your wedding day your special day, the day you dreamed of since you were little and the party of a lifetime for you and your guest!!! We would love to be able to charge minimal pricing like some of the $400 and $500 DJ's out there, but with our services and what we provide we just cannot do that as a business. We would love to have the chance to meet or at least speak with you regarding your big day to learn how we can possibly help make it the best!

Thank you for considering Cowger Entertainment