Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer here drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly. Thanks!

Are you licensed and insured?

ABSOLUTLY! We carry liability insurance for your protection! Ok, and ours too, but mainly to protect our clients! Some of our venues require proof of insurance and we are happy to offer it. We have never needed it but we feel it is a necessary step in our stride to provide excellence to our clients. We also only use licensed music that we buy from an industry known distributor. Due to the nature of our business, we are not required to have a trader’s license.


You can call us or you can email us. Once we get your information we will mail you the contract to get your date reserved.

How long have you been in business?

We have been doing this since about 2000 and prior to that I worked under another successful DJ.

Are all DJ's the same?

Absolutely NOT! This is your special day and we feel the DJ is one of the most important parts of your special day. You don't want a "Rookie DJ" or a DJ who doesn't fit in your event to ruin your special day. A DJ needs to BE and sound professional from start to finish. You don't want a DJ with old equipment that is in rough shape taking away from all the hard work you did decorating your special event. Not to mention the chance of failure for older equipment. We will look and sound professional from start to finish to ensure your day is worry free.

Does the equipment DJ's carry matter?

YES! The DJ's equipment is the foundation to a successful event! If the equipment sounds bad or looks bad, it creates a bad effect that can ruin your special day. Our equipment is all top of the line and in great shape. We will not have old tacky looking equipment to take away from your special day.

Do you use a Computer or CD Player to play music?

Both. We primarily use a computer with dual hard drives (Both with duplicate music) to play our music. We also carry CD backups of all our music! We also setup a dual CD player just in case of a Computer malfunction so that we can switch over instantly.

Do you have any dead time or dead air?

NO! The one thing I hate is dead air between songs switching, it is unprofessional and awkward. Our system will mix the new song before the old one ends and if we use CD's we will start the next song before the other song ends.

What happens if your equipment fails?

Good question, we panic!, No actually in the event that something stops working we carry a backup of everything! Yes, that's amps, speakers, cables, music, mic's, mixers and more. If for some reason both systems fail (Super unlikely) we will refund your event completely.

What does the price include?

It depends on your package. Some packages are basic and some have upgrades. All packages include travel within 45miles of Pocomoke City, professional sound equipment, setup and breakdown, liability insurance, our worry free guarantee, equipment backup, any upgrades or package items and LICENSED music to cover all ages. There are no hidden charges or fees (unless you include tips).

Do you provide Karaoke?

No, unfortunately we do not have Karaoke service at this time. When we started the business we made a conscious decision not to enter this market because it can get sticky doing Karaoke at weddings and weddings are our major focal point for doing business.

Do your DJ's handle announcements for the wedding party?

Our disc jockeys will get as involved as you want them to be. Unless you specify otherwise, they will coordinate everything from the cake cutting to the dinner prayer to the wedding party speeches to just about anything you need to have done.

How far ahead should I book my reservation with you?

We generally fill up about 6 months to a year in advance. It is a very demanding industry and can change very quickly, so we recommend you book us as soon as you secure your venue.

I don't see my "special song" on your list, can we bring it or will you still provide it?

We will make every effort we can to take any unnecessary work out of your hands. We will try to provide it for you, but in the rare event we cannot find it, you can most certainly bring it to us.

Do you have microphones available for speeches?

Each system comes complete with a wireless microphone system that accommodates even the largest of banquet facilities. We also have a backup hard wired microphone in case of emergencies.

Do you provide dinner music?

Yes. We play music of your choice from the time the first guest arrives, into dinner and during the cake cutting. We have a variety of light music such as 80's classics, instrumental, classical, and steel drum.

How much is the deposit and is it refundable?

The retainer amount is $100 for basic DJ services or $250 if you get any lighting upgrades. This retainer is due with the contract in order to guarantee your date. We make every effort to hold a date but unfortunately we cannot honor a verbal commitment due to the ever changing decisions people make. Due to the nature of our business, the retainer is not refundable after the event is 6 months or less out. We only book one event per day so if you cancel we will most likely not be able to fill that spot with such short notice.

How does your price compare to others in the area

I believe that a quality DJ should be available to everyone at an affordable price. Our prices are very competitive with other DJ’s around that preform on our level. Unfortunately there are other lower priced DJ’s out there but you get what you pay for. Talk to us directly and let us explain the differences to you and why you should trust the professionals.

Do we get to select the music you play?

We go by the genres you like to fit your music preferences. We also have a song list/database that's available on our website for viewing at your leisure. We encourage you to select a few songs that are "Must Plays" and let us mix in the traditional favorites and your guest requests, however if a song is on your "Don't Play" list we will not play it unless you specifically ask us. We will not even play it if the wedding coordinator, this is to ensure the music played is specific to the Bride and Groom.

Do your DJ's wear a tuxedo?

To ensure we meet your needs we offer two options. We can wear a tuxedo or our semi-formal attire. Our tuxedo consists of tux pants, tux shirt, black shiny shoes, and a vest with musical notes to ensure we are not confused with the bridal party. If you prefer a more laid-back look we have our semi-formal outfit which consist of a plumb color shirt (To match our business colors), Tan embroidered vest, black shoes, and black slacks.

How far will you travel?

We have played from upper Maryland near the Bay Bridge to Lower Virgina near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. We will travel to just about anywhere, locations outside our standard rate area will incur a small travel fee.

How do I go about reserving you?

You can use the "Online Booking Form", you can call us, or you can email us. Once we get your information we will mail you the contract to get your date reserved.

Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony also?

Without a doubt! We have supplied music for numerous ceremonies over the past several years.

What time will my DJ arrive?

We will arrive approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to the arrival of your guests. We will be set up, appropriately attired and ready to play when your guests arrive.

When does the DJ's time begin?

Your DJ's time begins when your quests begin to arrive to the reception site or at the contract start time, whichever is first. If we are supplying music for your ceremony, our time would begin one half hour prior to the scheduled ceremony time.

What is your music policy?

We do not play any music that contain lyrics with profanity. Our music is "Radio Edit" which means that the FCC allows it to be played on the radio. We are not in the business of insulting anyone or making guest feel uncomfortable. We treat your family as we would want ours to be treated. We have over 10,000 songs to suite everyone's needs. The only music we do not have is heavy rap and heavy metal. Our music database mostly incorporates top 40's, country, rock, alternative, ballads, R&B, some christian, steel drum, classical, and more.

How much should we tip our DJ if we feel it is warranted?

Any gratuity or tip you wish to give us for an outstanding performance is certainly appreciated. The general rule is 5-10% based on our performance.

What if I have additional questions?

We are here to help you from before you book us until the last guest leaves, and even after the event is over. All you have to do is email or call us and we will help you in any way we can.

DJ Checklist

Below is a list of things to check and remember when hiring a DJ.

-If your guest are not entertained, how long will they stay at the reception?

-In a recent survey the thing the guest remember most about the reception was the music and the quality of the DJ.

-Good DJ's will not advertise at your wedding or event with banners or signs.

-Some of your guest may want to dance, but a DJ playing the wrong music could prohibit that.

-Undependable and late DJ's are out there so make sure you are covered with your DJ. We arrive several hours in advance to make sure we are completly setup and changed by the time the guest arrive.

-Planning in advance is a must to ensure a smooth event, that is why we offer online planning forms to oranize all the details for your special day.

-Does your DJ have the songs you want to hear? We have thousands of songs in our music library plus we have online access to download almost ANY song anytime INSTANTLY so that the songs you want to hear are played at your event.

-Make sure your DJ can access the venue in plenty of time to setup for your event.

-Make sure you know the exact start and end time for your DJ as well as there will be enough time for breakdown at the end of the evening.

-Let the DJ know if there are any changes or setup challenges such as odd shaped rooms, limited space etc.

-If the event is outside be sure the DJ has adequate shelter to protect their equipment.

-Your DJ must work with other professionals! The DJ needs to make sure the caterer, photographer, videographer, and venue are on board with any events that are going to take place before they happen. This includes, dances, serving of dinner, cake cutting, toast etc. If the staff is not ready or the photographer is not in the room and the DJ proceeds with one of these special events this could cause serious problems. We make sure we coordinate everything with all the professionals at your event to ensure everything flows smoothly.

-Make sure your DJ has all the music needed for special parts of the event such as garter & bouquet, cake cutting music, introduction music etc. We have several options to choose from as well as any special request you may have.

We ensure we cover everything listed to ensure your special day is one to remember and that you have nothing to worry about. We are a professional company and we make sure you get the best for your special day!