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  • With Up-lighting
  • Room without up-lighting
  • Up-lighting banquet room
  • Without Up-lighting

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  • Banquet Room Before Up-Lighting

  • Banquet Room After Up-Lighting

Do you want to turn a venue room into your room? Do you want your guest to say OMG, WOW! Do you want to be impressed? Then we have the answer for you… Custom Lighting Options! Our lighting makes your event yours, wows your guest and will take your breath away! We offer a variety of options as you will see below. From Up-Lighting, Monograms, Dance Lighting, Pic Spots & more. See what we can do for you for your special day!

Dance Floor Lighting


With our dance floor lighting this allows the room lights to be turned down low and for our beams of light to take over the dance floor. We have a vareity of lights for a good time. We have color wash lights to provide a combination of Red, Green, and Blue lighting on the dance floor and to provide some light. Our Revo Light has over 268 LED's that project beams of light in all directions around tha dance floor while changing colors and producing thousands of patters on the dance floor. Our starfield light produces a Red and Green laser starfield which is projected onto the ceiling and it also features a Blue LED that produces a "Aqua Effect" on the ceiling making it similar to the "Northern Lights" effect which can be seen in the night sky occasionally. Black lights, strobe lights, a 4 color laser, moving head lights and more! Our dance floor light show is a MUST for any dance crowd! The dance floor lighting is included in our Complete "Party Package", "Ultimate Party Package", and "Wow Your Guest" Packages. This option is avalable Al a carte for only $200







Up-lighting is the latest trend that is an amazing way to transform an everyday room into a fantastic, irresistible environment, perfect for hosting an unforgettable Wedding or special event. We have used our up-lighitng for weddings, Christmas parties, banquets and more. It can be easily tailored to any event space, as well as to specifically enhance the decor of the affair. We are experienced in this technique and it is becoming one of our most popular lighting requests. By carefully selecting the placement of our lighting systems, we can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow. We will work with you to select your perfect atmosphere, we have a knack for choosing exactly the right colors to complement everything from architecture to floral arrangements to sculpture, and more. If you want your event space to radiate elegance and sophistication, you want our up-lighting. Do you have more than once color in your event? No probelm! We can use multiple colors to highlight different areas such as pillars, under tables etc. Up-Lighitng can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your event type. We have even done combination lighting where we use uplighting to mark walk ways, entrances, sides of buildings, flower gardens, statues etc., so the possibilties are endless! With out LED lights the color choices are almost endless so we can easily match your wedding colors. 

in 2013 we are proud to announce that we upgraded our up-lights to provide our clients better lighting. Our lights are true RGBWA lights which means they can do more colors than most up-lights others have. Our lights are also wireless and battery operated, so no cords!!! Our new lights are remotly controlled and have tons of features! Our lights even dance to the beat of the music!!! Why have just a dance floor when you can have a whole dance room!!!

Our "Ultimate Party Package" and our "Wow Your Guest package" include up-lights. Be sure to check out our past jobs in our lighting gallery. You will see how it transform your event! Up-Lighing can be added Al a Carte also. Prices depend on venue sizing. Contact us for more details. 

Name in Lights

What could be more custom and personalized than having your name be a part of the atmosphere? With our 'Name In Lights' feature, you can have your custom monogram, name, or logo front and center during your entire event. For a Wedding, having the couple's names or monogram adds to the special day- both in adding to the beautiful lighting and effects that we can provide, as well as reminding the couple that this is a celebration of their marriage and love. This can be especially useful for those that don't have a lot of customized favors or table settings with the couple's name and/or wedding date. Even for a Birthday celebration, having their name in lights can add significantly to the personalization of the event, making it more unique and catered to the birthday guy/girl's likes. 'Name in Lights' is also a great feature for Corporate Events. Get a logo projected onto the wall, floor or ceiling at your next big convention, meeting, or event. This provides a more unique and high tech alternative to a sign or banner. The lighting projected on the wall presents a whole new dimension of decoration- perfect for any style of group or business. Name in Lights can be moved around and projected onto almost anything around the room. The 'Name in Lights' feature is included in our "Ultimate Wedding Package" and our "Wow Your Guest Party Package".  Ask us about a monogram for your event! Monograms are available in standard (Shown) 1 color, 2 color or even full color! Ask us for pricing details. Monograms can be added Al a carte also. 


Cake Pin Spots


We offer pin spots to light highlight certain aspects of events. Pin spots are often used to light up wedding cakes to show off their true beauty. They can also be used to light up statues, walkways or even center pieces. We include a single pin spot with our Wow your guest package. Pic spots are also available Al a Carte. Be sure to check out our past jobs in our lighting gallery for awesome before and after pictures.